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Strawberry Lassi

9:19:00 AM
I am a big fan of smoothies! They are a great way to get the vitamins, fruits and vegetables all in one serving and especially good for on the go. This was one of the first recipes I fell in love with on Pinterest.

This recipe is a a very popular Indian yogurt-based fruit beverage. Mango is typically used, but we thought we would give strawberry a try.

Strawberry Lassi Ingredients

  • 1 pound fresh strawberries, trimmed and halved
  • ½ cup raw local honey
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 cups plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 cup crushed ice


  • In a blender combine strawberries (or fruit of your choice), honey and salt in a blender.
  • Purée until the strawberries are smooth
  • Add the yogurt and blend until smooth
  • Add ice and blend until smith
  • Top with one trimmed and halved strawberry for garnish and serve

This can also be spiced up with fresh cinnamon, ginger or spice of your choice. I like to add in a little flaxseed.

Feel free to comment and give your reviews or variations of the recipe. Hope you enjoy!

Work From Home

1:30:00 PM

With so many work from home money-making opportunities, it can be hard to figure out which ones are legit and worth the time, as well as, which companies are what they advertise. So as in the fashion of my blog, I've tried both opportunities over the past six months and have had great experiences and pay. In fact, I still work with both!

First, I DO NOT receive pay, referrals or any compensation for referring you to these companies. This is shared with the hopes to pay-it-forward and provide you with opportunities through my research and experiences.

LiveOps Work From Home Customer Service Call Center

Based in Santa Clara, CA this company provides call center outsourcing to clients using only U.S. based work from home call center agents to meet their client's customer service needs with over 20,000 virtual agents and counting.

How Does It Work

LiveOps agents are not employees but independent contractors, who are paid mostly on a per minute basis of talk time. This is an important distinction because it means agents aren't paid for the time between calls, so if the volume is slow you will not make as much money. It is important to note that independent contractors are not guaranteed a minimum wage and they must pay the portion of their Social Security and Medicare taxes usually paid by their employer. 

As part of the application process, I submitted a voice audition and $50 for a background check. Afterward, I was sent the offer to accept and sign my independent contractor agreement. The requirements are simple - a dedicated landline and an up-to-date PC. My total cost was under $50 which included $30 for a headset and $11 for my landline setup with my internet provider. I was able to make this back plus the background check fee in my first check. There is no fee for training and it is unpaid however the wealth of information, resources and support in forums I was able to get through training in two days tops or more like 16 hours. I started on a Friday night and was up and running that Sunday. For each company or product you choose to work for, there are certification or training courses, sample calls to listen to as well as conference calls to ask questions. All of this is to equip you with the knowledge you need to assist customers. This is treated as YOUR home business. In fact, it is your home business! Keep track of your expenses, pay and hours. You commit to as many or as little hours as you would like to work. 

So what is the work schedule like? You are provided a schedule for the week where you can schedule your hours in 30-minute blocks. Some companies require 20 hours per week and some 40 whereas others have no requirement. This is really great! Let's say you want to work 4 hours in the morning and another 4 hours after dinner is made and the kids are in bed. Your schedule can be customized to your needs. 

This is the headset I use. Click the photo to take you to the product details and purchase. 

How to Apply

● Visit LiveOps
● Create a login with a valid email address and sign in.
● Provide information on your background, including information about sales experience.
● Take an assessment for comprehension and computer skills (optional).
● Verify that you understand the requirements.
● Audition your voice.
● Submit background check and $50 fee
● *Agents must be 18 years old and reside in the 48 contiguous United States.

UPDATE 10-20-16: I am still able to create my own schedule and work half hour blocks to fit my schedule and as needed! 

UPDATE 3-18-17: Currently I am still an independent contractor with LiveOps and use the opportunity in between my other roles to make extra cash especially around the holidays!

Amazon's Work from Home Customer Service Associate

Based in Seattle, WA, this is one of the world's largest online retailers. Well known for being customer-centric and of course it's Kindle, Fire TV, Prime memberships and Free Two-Day Shipping Benefits, Amazon has evolved from a single retail website to become a global development platform as well as an e-commerce and publishing partner. They work hard to research and develop new solutions to improve the lives of our customers: shoppers, sellers, content creators, and developers around the world. 

How Does It Work

Customer Service Associates are seasonal employees with the opportunity for regular long term employment. You are paid on an hourly basis with Social Security and Medicare taxes deducted as you would with any regular employer. With Amazon, the Virtual Contact Center is open from 3 a.m. until 12 Midnight, PST, you have many choices in your schedule from working days, evenings, weekends, a 10 hour, four-day work or 8 hours, five-day work week with a range in hours. I chose the evening shift to suit my priorities mommy schedule.  All hours, communication meetings etc are in military PST time. This takes some getting used to but you will get the hang of it in no time. 

I submitted my application for the full-time position here or also check here if the first link does not work as positions are filled as quick as they are posted. (If you do not see an availability in your state, keep checking back.) Amazon also has a Reserves program which you can apply to here. After receiving the offer letter, I had to do a background check which Amazon covers. Training is paid and lasts three weeks. Amazon provides you with a headset and security token. 

During training, I was placed on a team with a ton of support, resources, and teammates to answer any questions at any time. The cool thing about the setup is you always have someone to talk to (other than the customers of course) whether it's asking a question or water cooler talk. Being customer-centric, the calls are steady and the customers are super fun! I have spent minutes to hours chatting, learning and laughing with customers as I've helped them solve a problem or simply shop for a product. 

So what does customer-centric mean and is this a fit for you? Here are the values that are crucial to your success with Amazon. They are looking for people-persons! If pushing papers or working to just make it through your shift is your goal, this is not the position for you. Your personality will determine your success and longevity with Amazon. They aim to train and keep you excelling within the company while meeting customer needs. 

 Ability to empathize with and prioritize customer needs
● Uphold company values and respect every customer
● Exude patience and ownership with each customer
● Ability to resolve conflicts and set appropriate expectations with customers
● Ability to determine customer needs and provide appropriate solutions

UPDATE 10-20-16: I have been offered to move up from a seasonal employee to a full-time employee with benefits and opportunities for growth!

UPDATE 3-18-17: Currently a full-time employee with benefits and celebrated my first year as an Amazonian! Woohoo!! 

How to Apply & Qualifications

 Submitted your application here or also check here if the first link does not work as positions are filled as quick as they are posted. (If you do not see an availability in your state, keep checking back.)
● Your address must be in one of the states we are currently hiring. Any applicants with home addresses outside of hiring states will not be considered.
● High School Diploma or equivalent
● Basic typing, phone, and computer navigation skills
● Ability to navigate the Internet, multiple browsers, email, and Instant Messenger tools
● 1+ years in a service environment dealing with the public
● Ability to participate and complete mandatory training (this schedule may be different from your production schedule upon hiring)
● Ability to complete I-9 work authorization paperwork in person
● Ability to take any shift Sunday through Saturday from 3:00 am to Midnight Pacific Time zone

Technical Requirements

 64-bit Operating System
10 mbps download and 5 Mbps upload speed or faster from a reliable provider(no satellite or wireless internet)
 Must be directly connected to router/modem via Ethernet cable
 If you are using a laptop, it must be connected to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse
 Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or OSX 10.9, 10.10, 10.11
 *For additional technical requirements, please see position details.

I hope I did not overload you with information, however, I wanted to provide as many details as possible to help you with a work from home position. These are both fantastic opportunities whether your are a stay-at-home mom/dad or need extra income and especially if like to work in your jammies and skip the commute. I am still with both companies and enjoy working for them.

In the referred by section add Danielle Foreman!

** This blog post is updated periodically. Be sure to check back for updates. 

Teach Yourself to Draw

4:30:00 PM

Hello, hello! How have you been? It's good to see you again!

I'm back after an extended break from blogging and can't wait to fill you in on all the exciting things I have in the works. After a knee and foot injury, I took a break from running and have been pouring myself into drawing and illustration over the past year. I LOVE writing, being creative, crafting and coloring. Growing up I used to carry around this red suitcase made of wood with all of my art supplies. When we moved from California back to New Jersey, it was lost by the airline and just broke my heart. And if you're like me...
LOL! My mom was on a hunt for years to find another one and guess what...for my birthday what does she walk in with...a red wood box filled with art supplies!! Do you see that smile?!? Sometimes it's the littlest things among the hustle and bustle of day to day life, the stress and forgetting our passions that can bring us right back to where we need to be. 

THEN About a year ago, I started going through the things I would want to put on my bucket list. You know all of the things you want to teach yourself, things to try and places to go. Well as a graphic designer I wanted to learn how to draw and not just on the computer.  So after much googling, I came across this TED TALKS with Graham Shaw and with a few quick strokes all the mental puzzle pieces came together. AMAZING!
It was one of the moments I was kicking myself for not trying sooner and for giving up on my stick figures earlier in life. I encourage you to check it out and let your inner artist shine.  Why people believe they can’t draw - and how to prove they can | Graham Shaw | TEDxHull
DAY 1: After watching the video & looking at sketch books, here is my first try on October 20, 2015:
DAY 3: I searched and looked for pictures to use as references. Here's my 2nd on October 22, 2015:

And by DAY 57: Just three days shy of 3 months drawing every night, I was able to draw Bruce Lee

So on and on the days went I kept practicing and watching videos from any source I could find. I became a natural artist and not just a Graphic Designer by print. Big check on my bucket list!
Then I thought I love coloring and I love drawing, why not create my own series of adult coloring books!! So with you in mind I'll be bringing a different blogging experience to you instead of just reading blog post after blog post, we'll be interacting with each other, coloring, drawing, designing and sharing our work. I can't wait! 
p.s. To celebrate the soon-to-be-released coloring books, here’s a free, downloadable page for you to enjoy! Grab your jammies, some tea or coffee, your crayons and let's go!
Don't forget share, share, share! I would love to see your creations and inspirations.
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Instagram: @wifeontherunatl

Passion Planner

10:59:00 AM

2016 Passion Planner Free PDF Download

Recently, I discovered the Passion Planner. As a bullet-journal user myself, I personally will not use this, but thought it was a great idea.

To Download: (1) share, (2) scroll to the bottom and click the green link, (3) type "yes" as the password, and you should be (re)directed to the page with the PDF.

Why is it different?

Passion Planner is your own personal, 24/7, inexpensive life coach because it helps you:
  1. Define your ideal life and get there: Define your ideal life AND then create your own a step by step map to get you there with the Passion Planning Process

  1. Balance: Space for both personal and work projects and tasks
  2. Prioritize: Prompts you to pick one thing every day, week and month to focus on
  3. Focus on the positive: Every week there is a section dedicated just to write down "Good things that happened"
And here's it's Kickstarter Video.
More here.

Note: not an advertisement, as it's something essentially free to download.
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