How To Remove Paint From Garage or Poles Off Car

When it's 5:30 a.m. on my way to a run or leaving for a week of traveling, pitch black and I'm working on my first cup of coffee navigating in and out of my garage is a challenge. I've almost taken out my garage door more times than I care to admit and most recently a Starbuck's drive through pole after an intense week. There's nothing like riding on the highway with a bright yellow streak down one side and a brown patch down the other to scare other drivers away from you. This lady clearly can't drive! My driving was much better in Jersey, I swear lol!

Each time I get in my car it pains me to see the marks being taught to appreciate and care for what you have new, used or old! I've been on a mission to get them out without breaking my pockets and cross it off my to-do list! The many attempts of the buff & dent men in grocery store parking lots advised the depth of the scratch would have to be sanded, buffed and painted by a body shop.

Standing in the grocery store looking for cleaning products, I caught eyes with Mr. Clean and his Magic Eraser. Yeah, I heard about you and think it's just a gimmick, but let's see just how magic you really are! So today I decided to try it out while my son napped.

With a little elbow grease and 20 minutes, Magic Eraser got the yellow scratches and the garage door off my car! The yellow came off with ease but the other required a little bit of pressure and patience and no scratches to my paint! 

This is a product I will definitely keep in my house or car (lol)!

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  1. Jennifer Riapos7/13/2014 3:49 PM

    I love the Magic Eraser! It doesn't work Magic on everything but yes with a lil elbow grease it does work wonders on most things!


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