10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Review

On this journey, I've started incorporating more fruit and veggies in my food plan as well as my families, but it never seems to be enough. On my search for a healthier plan that will help with weight loss, I came across JJ Smith's book, 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, through social media and her Facebook group. After reading other members' stories, I decided to order the book on kindle and a hard copy.  

Upon ordering, I was worried this would be like the other 4 or 5 green smoothie books on my shelf, but it was worth a try. That night I sat down with my iPad and began skimming through the book to see what the plan entailed. My hard copy arrived within two days courtesy of Amazon and I immediately cracked it open! (There's nothing like a hard copy of a book!)

JJ Smith, I applaud you! This book left nothing out! The shopping list is right there for you organized, short and sweet! I immediately thought you're kidding, right? Where is the rest of the list? Being oh too familiar with Whole Paycheck and how eating clean can break the bank, I expected the same. It's sad you can buy a Big Mac for $1, but a salad from Whole Paycheck can easily cost $10.99! Most of the items I had on hand from previous books and some like Chia Seeds, Flaxseed and my protein powder I needed refills on. I was able to purchase everything I needed for less than triple digits! Amazing for 10 days worth of groceries!!

I set aside all day Sunday to do prep work and store the recipes for each day in freezer bags, my raw veggies in another separate enough tea and protein powder to store at work so I would not have to carry anything back and forth. I also created crock pot or simple oven meals for my family for those 10 days that were also healthy. This would take care of the temptation to "taste test" any food while cooking. We know the old saying...if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! So, here we go!

Days 1-3: My smoothies were packed and ready to go in the am. I have measured myself and drew a stick figure in my notebook for reference to keep measurements and snapped several angle photos! The first day I did half decaf and half regular coffee since I am a triple shot coffee drinker. I immediately hate life and everyone in my path! Passing Starbucks is torture in the morning! However, I got through it! I had a very bad headache from the lack of caffeine, but it was nothing my Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey tea mix couldn't correct. Note to self start this on the weekend so your coworkers don't have to deal with the transition, lol! The smoothies tasted delicious and by far superior to any others I tried and left me feeling full. The first three days the peanut butter and raw veggies are your best friends as your body gets used to liquids! Your body will start to purge all of the toxins especially if you use her bonus tips which kick it up a notch. I highly recommend them!! Word to the wise and keyword PURGE!! Do not attempt this if you have to travel or are not within a short distance of a lavatory...tehehee! Better out, than in ;)


10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 10 Days!

Days 4-6: Now we're sailing! My body is making the transition and the headaches are gone! My allergies and sniffling have not bothered me. As a distraction, I starting reading The Shack by Wm. Paul Young before bed for a second time which I felt paired nicely with the challenge. Reading or creating a task during your snacking time helps greatly! I'm a late night snacker when all of the worries and stressors start to set in. During these days, I actually reached a moment of clarity where my head didn't feel stuffed with cotton. Everything was crystal clear, my thoughts were not jumping on top of each other and my energy level was out of this world! Running was coming easier and I was not lethargic by the time I reached home from work! This is a new feeling! My son and I were outside after work playing until the sun went down. I even start reorganizing the house! I've measured myself and am down a few inches! My scale and I have a love and hate relationship so I rely on my measuring tape. Keep in mind this plan is ridding your body of toxins and is nutritious, but it is not intended for you to go out and run a half-marathon! Anything over a couple of miles and you will regret it. I suggest doing this in off training times or using the modified version of the plan! I actually tried it out while running the Peachtree 10K on the Fourth of July. The difference in how I felt from last year when I participated to this year was noticeable!

I am a little weird about showing full body pics so here is a glimpse where you can tell the difference in my face. My before is from Rock N Roll Savannah Half Marathon November 2013 and my after is at the Peachtree Road Race in July 2014 with no other weight loss plan other than running and JJ Smith's 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. I can't believe how swollen my face looks in the before...geesh!!

Days 7-9: I am in disbelief of how great I feel! My skin looks clear too! The circles under my eyes are lightening and I feel like I'm 10 year younger! Where has this book been all this time! My measurements are looking great and the inches are dropping and the scale is even following with the pounds coming off!! One of my problem areas has always been swelling in my neck and even that is looking better. I have been using the NutriBullet and that has become a pain since it only holds 32 ounces. I believe she touches on this in the book. The smoothie ingredients are 72 ounces unblended so my method was blending my greens, seeds and water first then slowly adding in fruit. Down the road I will invest in a Ninja or Vitamix.

Day 10: We are here, my skin is clear and I am singing this as I type to you! Yes, that is how much energy you will achieve. Especially since the weight and inches are coming off and my self-esteem has reached a whole new level.  Down over 5 inches on my waist and 8 lbs...woohoo! I don't plan to stop here! This was an enjoyable journey and not difficult to take on! My taste buds were challenged by such delicious recipes and quite frankly I don't even have a taste for junk food. This sounds weird, but it actually looks gross to me now! Feeling vibrant and all around beautiful trumps anything else. JJ Smith's green smoothie recipes will be incorporated into my daily routine and will continue on with the modified version of the plan. 

If there is anything you take away from my review, please understand this is a lifestyle change NOT a diet! Yes the smoothies are green, but don't judge it by it's color. One night while reading, I looked over and my son was drinking my smoothie on my nightstand. He's 3 years old  and loves them that's how delicious they taste!  The plan will only work if you follow the steps as outlined in the book and I would even suggest pairing up with a friend or checking in with the facebook group daily as you progress through the cleanse.

I don't want to give away all the awesome tips or plan this book is packed with and intentionally!JJ Smith worked really hard to formulate this plan and give her due credit! It is worth the purchase!! You'll have to grab your copy and check it out for yourself! I will say this is the best 9 bucks I have spent! I hope you try it and feel free to leave comments here or add me on facebook and share your progress!