Apple Cider Vinegar Tea

Apple Cider Vinegar Tea

Suffering for months after relocating to Georgia from sniffles, headaches and allergy symptoms nothing seemed to provide relief. Have you ever seen Martin as Roscoe or Will Smith in Hitch? Not cute! Doctors got a kick out of me every time I showed up for an appointment! The only remedy was to undergo years of allergy shots. No, thanks! My allergies were out of control while the Bradford Pear trees were in full bloom. Outside looked like a leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day spreading his cheer! I even despised going out for lunch and avoided any evening activities limiting park time with my daughter. Every allergy commercial that came on, I air high-fived the sufferer and felt their pain!

After so many days, doctor trips and Hitch look alike moments a good friend of mine took pity on me and introduced me to the concoction in 2007. She set it on my desk with a straw and said, "Drink!" My response, "Um, NO! It smells funny and I'm not drinking vinegar!"  An hour and box of tissue later, I gave in and tried it. My nose started clearing up and my head didn't feel as fuzzy. Okay, okay she might be on to something here!

So I started doing my research and reading up on the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, not just any kind, but Bragg's. Here is what I learned:

So What is Bragg's Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar?

Made from organically certified apples and dating back to 400 B.C., it was used by the Father of Medicine - Hippocrates, Egyptians, Samurai warriors and even dates back to Biblical times for uses such as body cleansing, optimum health, anti-microbial, deodorant and strength or energy. It is unfiltered, unpasteurized, kosher-certified and contains the 'mother' of vinegar. It has been certified in accordance with USDA organic standards. 

What Are the Health Benefits of Bragg's Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar?

•  Ultra rich in enzymes, pectin, nutrients, B vitamins, folic acid, and potassium.
•  Natural heartburn remedy.
•  May help joint discomfort.
•  Promotes digestion and a healthy alkaline state.
•  Supports bowel regularity and toxin removal.
•  May improve insulin sensitivity and help lower blood sugar levels
•  Contains acetic acid which is antimicrobial and a natural preservative
•  Rich in malic acid which provides potency against harmful organisms.
•  Promotes balanced glucose levels.
•  Contains antioxidants
•  Rich in potassium, a key mineral for muscle growth, nervous system, and heart health.
•  Encourages weight loss by breaking down fat as proven in studies.
•  Contains pectin, a fiber that reduces bad cholesterol and reduces/regulates blood pressure
•  Beta-carotene prevents damage caused by free radicals, maintains skin firm and young
•  Great external remedy for dandruff and acne.
•  Helps the extraction of calcium from foods it is mixed with, which helps in the process of         maintaining bone strength
•  Useful in treating conditions like constipation, headaches, arthritis, weak bones, indigestion, high cholesterol, diarrhea, eczema, sore eyes, chronic fatigue, mild food poisoning, hair loss, high blood pressure, obesity, and many other health problems

What Is the "Mother"?

The "mother" of vinegar is a dark, cloudy sediment. Only present in raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, it naturally occurs as connected strand-like chains of protein enzyme molecules. Many people believe it is the "mother" that is what provides so many health benefits.

Is Bragg's ACV distilled? 

No! When vinegar is distilled, it's turned to steam and the powerful enzymes are destroyed. Distilling also destroys the natural malic and tartaric acids which are important in fighting toxins and harmful organisms. Bragg's is kept raw so all these beneficial properties are preserved.

Nutrients include calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, malic acid and pectin are just a few of the beneficial nutrients in organic raw apple cider vinegar. Potassium can help you avoid a runny nose, malic acid fights harmful organisms, acetic acid balances pH levels, and pectin supports normal blood pressure and lipid profiles.


8 oz cup of warm water
2 TBSP of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar
1 TBSP Organic Honey (choose one that is local to you)
1 slice of lemon or 1 drop of Lemon Essential Oil
1 pinch of ceylon cinnamon or ginger

I drink this every morning for my allergies and for weight-loss benefits. It's also great when you are feeling tired and need a boost of energy. When I travel, I keep this and honey in my bag..ALWAYS! From allergies to sour stomachs, this is my remedy. Try it, you will not regret it! Share your first cup of ACV Tea with me by commenting or tweeting #WifeOnTheRunATL #ACVTEA Don't forget to add me on Facebook

Other Uses for Bragg's Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Facial Cleanser: Combine 1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 cup water and apply with cotton ball for a refreshing cleanse!

Swelling or Smelly Feet:  (Great during pregnancy or post-run) In a foot bath, soak in 1 cup ACV, 1 cup Epsom Salt and warm water or apply ACV directly to skin to relieve swelling!

Sunburn: Add 2 cups ACV to a bath and soak or apply directly to skin with a cotton ball to soothe.

Dull Hair or Product Buildup: No problem! Mix 1 part ACV and 1 part chemical free shampoo with 4 TBSP baking soda and wash like normal. OR

Sore Throat: Mix 1/4 cup of ACV with 1/4 cup warm water and gargle every hour.

For more recipes check out my other posts on Apple Cider Vinegar. Or for Facts About This Supplement.


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