Passion Planner

2016 Passion Planner Free PDF Download

Recently, I discovered the Passion Planner. As a bullet-journal user myself, I personally will not use this, but thought it was a great idea.

To Download: (1) share, (2) scroll to the bottom and click the green link, (3) type "yes" as the password, and you should be (re)directed to the page with the PDF.

Why is it different?

Passion Planner is your own personal, 24/7, inexpensive life coach because it helps you:
  1. Define your ideal life and get there: Define your ideal life AND then create your own a step by step map to get you there with the Passion Planning Process

  1. Balance: Space for both personal and work projects and tasks
  2. Prioritize: Prompts you to pick one thing every day, week and month to focus on
  3. Focus on the positive: Every week there is a section dedicated just to write down "Good things that happened"
And here's it's Kickstarter Video.
More here.

Note: not an advertisement, as it's something essentially free to download.